Aquarius Reborn

Aquarius50 – Conversations for the World Today

The 50th anniversary of the Nimbin Aquarius Festival welcomes people to come together, contribute and celebrate the spirit of Aquarius.

Everyone is welcome, everyone can contribute. We are wanting to have conversations about things that affect us all at this time.
Everything from our soul and wellbeing, the food we eat and the energy we use.

There will be events throughout the region some ticketed and some free.
We encourage you to come and be connected, speak up and create the festival along with everyone.
Your thoughts and energy will help shape, the prominence and outcomes of the festival.

The original festival was alive with big ideas and driven by people who saw grass roots changes in the way we live were not only possible,
but eminently achievable.

Now, as we celebrate half a century of these ideas, as they have matured into the fabric of Australian society
we convene a ten-day event to examine, celebrate, discuss and act.

Between May 12 and May 21, 2023, ten themed days will initiate conversations supported by workshops,
Celebration, Music, Performance, Dance, Food and Much more.

It’s about keeping the dream alive, making the world a better place. The original festival had groundbreaking narrowcast technology;
we will use modern devices to reach a broader audience so that people worldwide can participate online.

Peace, love and kindness will make Aquarius50 an event for our times, rekindling the spirit of the original with a renewed perspective.

In respectful collaboration with the Bundjaling Nation and the Nimbin Aquarius Foundation, we would love you to join us.
We thank and pay our respects to Bundjalung Elders and community, on whose unceded lands we will celebrate, hand in hand with the original owners.

Rainbow Dreaming

A wonderful exhibition of Aquarian stories that live on!

Click here


Keep the dream alive; celebrate the ethos and legacy of the 1973 Nimbin Aquarius Festival and May Manifesto.

Honour, respect and celebrate the kinship of First Nations people as the original custodians of Country.

You are the festival; create the festival as an art form and cultural experience together with the community.

Share stories and conversation across generations; listen without judgement so that everyone has a voice.

Explore what we want for Nimbin and the world today; be the driving force for ideas.

The May Manifesto