Aquarian Archives

Please help keep the dream alive. Send us your Aquarius stories. Write them down or record them on your phone with audio or video.

Contact 0456 353 384 to discuss contributing your stories to the archives.

The aim is to re-invigorate the Aquarian Archives now housed at the Richmond Library and to keep stories alive by creating many ways to share as part of the Aquarius50 conversation.

Rainbow Dreaming

A wonderful exhibition of Aquarian stories that live on!

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Book from the exhibition: Prabhu, H., & Batterbury, G. (2013). Rainbow dreaming: tales from the age of aquarius (Aquarius Festival 40th anniversary edition ed.). Rainbow Collective.

Books about Aquarius

Jiggens, J. (1983). Rehearsals for the Apocalypse: Part one: the Aquarius Festival, May 12–22, 1973. J. Jiggens. A poetic evocation of the 1973 Aquarius Festival.

Smith, M., & Crossley, D. (1975). The Way Out: radical alternatives in Australia. Lansdowne. A compilation of writing including pieces by several Aquarians including Johnny Allen and Graeme Dunstan.

Writing about the Aquarian legacy

Bible, V. (2016). On Common Ground: Cultivating Environmental Peace: A History of the Rainbow Region [Doctoral Thesis, University of New England]. Armidale, NSW. 

Bork, G. (2017). Walking the Reciprocal Restoration Talk, Rainforest, Eastern Australia [Southern Cross University]. Lismore, NSW.

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Hale, Mandie.UNIQUE Creative Homes of Nimbin and Surrounds.

Kijas, J. (2011). Caravans & Communes: stories of settling in the Tweed 1970s & 1980s. Tweed Shire Council. 

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Norst, M. J. (1999). A Warrior for Peace: Burnum Burnum. Kangaroo Press. With a story about Burnum Burnum’s relationship with the Aquarian community.

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Podcasts and Media

Kendell, J., & Tait, P. (1995). Nearly normal Nimbin. Gaia Films. 

Richmond-Tweed Oral History Group – Under the Rainbow

Shoebridge, B. (2016). The Bentley effect : the story of a social movement

Shostak, S. (2015). Mullumbimby’s Madness: The Legacy of the Hippies. Mullumbimby, NSW, Brunswick Valley Historical Society. 

Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre: ABC Open Vids from Aquarius 40th : ABC Open Vids from Aquarius 40th

Library Collections

Folder full of media clippings from Aquarius Festival at Byron Bay library (not for loan), call number LST 394.2699443 NIMB

Records of the Aquarius Festival at the National Library, Manuscript reference no. : NLA MS 6945

The Rainbow Archives at the State Library of NSW, for a broader, national collection of counterculture archives.

Social Media

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Nimbin Aquarius Festival 1973

Nimbin Aquarius Foundation Inc.

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