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Jacqueline Boustany

Dr Jacqueline Boustany (MBBS, Dip Peads, MPH) is an integrative GP with over 20
years experience in rural, indigenous, paediatric, nutritional and hormonal health.

She has a particular focus on mental, emotional and spiritual issues being
significant contributory factors to well being and our journey in this human
experience. She lives in northern NSW with her husband and 2 children.

Mic Conway

Mic Conway

ARIA award winning Mic Conway is a singer, musician, songwriter, actor, fire eater, magician, tap dancer, juggler and more.

Mic was born into a family of vaudeville music/theatre and opera. In 1968 Mic and his brother Jim formed the Jelly Bean Jug Band at school as a joke. To their surprise the joke soon became a career with the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, working and touring, recording several albums-two of which reached gold status.

Mic also joined the legendary Pram Factory Theatre (APG) in Melbourne creating Soapbox Circus where he was ringmaster, musician, juggler and acrobat. In 1978 it became the now famous Circus Oz of which Mic was a founding member.

Mic has toured across Australia, Britain, USA, Germany, New Zealand and Asia delighting audiences of all ages. He has written and recorded many idiosyncratic songs and albums and worked across the board in theatre, music, television and film.

His current outfits are his duo with the fabulous Robbie Long and Mic Conway’s National Junk Band. (Look out for the new album/CD “Reality Is An Illusion”.) Mic was an ABC Children’s artist and for years worked with the Wiggles as either the voice of Wags The Dog or co-writing songs and appeared in their DVDs and “Wiggles Movie” (see Wiggles For over 30 years Mic has also worked in schools and pre-schools. He now performs mainly the environmental show “Rubbish” using music, magic and fun to encourage Reduce,
Reuse and Recycle.


Mark Elliot

Mark Eliott is an Australian artist born in New Zealand whose glass artwork ranges from
sculptural abstraction and biological representation through mythology and storytelling. He
often incorporates other media such as text sound, wood, graphics, performance and scent.
His collaborations include the award-winning glass animation Doctor Mermaid and the
Abovemarine with film-maker Jack McGrath. Mark is represented in many private and public
collections internationally. In 2019 he won the Tom Malone Glass Prize at the Gallery of
Western Australia. His current work is the book and exhibition titled: Essence of Cloud,
made with the assistance of many wonderful collaborators.
Mark followed his mother Mira to the Aquarius festival in Nimbin where he continued to live
on and off until the early 1980s. This was a formative experience for Mark in many ways,
learning about wood craft and music as well as the values of community and ecology.
After starting a version of the Nimbin folk club titled Brackets and Jam, Mark moved to
Sydney and established it there. He then went on to do an Associate Diploma in Jazz Studies
(Saxophone) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In parallel to music, he developed a career
in glassblowing, completing a Master of Studio Arts and Master of Visual Arts at Sydney
Currently Mark works with a number of galleries and teaches glass flame-work in Sydney
where he also plays saxophone. He and his partner Manjit live in Sydney near their two

Photo credit: Richard Weinstrein


Robyn Francis

Robyn Francis, permaculture pioneer, educator, designer and activist has worked in diverse cultures and climates around the world. From the counter-culture days of the early 70s to the present, Robyn shares global to local perspectives and insights from over 4 decades permaculture experience in eco-village design, community facilitation, restoration ecology and practical self-reliance. She walks her talk on her permaculture farm and education centre, Djanbung Gardens, on the edge of Nimbin village.

Harry Freeman

Harry Freeman, psychiatric doctor of 50 years, cancer survivor and critic of the medical
model, will discuss his opinions. Harry invites interaction and discussion to his talk.
“ If I can promulgate the notion that the whole idea of mental health is a disastrous trap,
which suggests wanting help and requires a health expert, I will have imparted my message.
The fact is you want to have a mental ‘life’ which is nourishing.”
Come and join Harry on Sunday 14 th May, in Nimbin Hall.


David Hallett

A ’73 festival goer David has lived in and around Nimbin for most of the past 50 years. Well known as an award winning performance poet David has hosted poetry events in Lismore and Byron Bay for over 30 years, and he has taken his poetry from outback schools and festivals to the Sydney Opera House to the beat cafes of New York. David Hallett has been President of Nimbin School of Arts since the late 1980s where he has been instrumental in producing many major exhibitions and performance arts events

Jacqui Van Heerden

Saturday Morning Meditation
Chakra Breathing with Jacqueline van Heerden
Through our life’s experiences we gather energy that can
condense down into gross form in our bodies, This active
meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement
to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of
the seven chakras and thus into your life.
The accompanying music energetically supports the process.
The meditation is best done on an empty stomach.

Morning Temple for Women
With Jacqueline van Heerden

As a collective women have travelled many travails through the unique landscape of
womanhood. Our ancients met in circles to heal, learn, share, witness and gain
strength from each other.
You are invited to gather for a morning in temple space with other women where this
ancient practice and lineage continues. Be held and guided through meditation and
processes to transform what is alive gently returning more fully to your essence and

Friday 19 th May
The Church of Aquarius, 90 Cullen Street, Nimbin
9 am to 12 pm
To prepare for this sacred space, we recommend a light breakfast and no coffee.


Saskia Kouwenberg

Saskia Kouwenberg (born in the Netherlands 1952) travelled lots in her late teens, worked in
in a Dutch zoo caring for 21 apes and learned many precious life lessons working for nine
years in movie productions. She has been an activist ,on a virtually daily basis, since October

She has a degree in Journalism and post-graduate Conflict Resolution and Mediation.
She coordinated countless campaigns in the peace movement, trained – as a pacifist –
military in “Civilian Military Relations In Conflict Areas” and women from war torn countries.
In 1988 she coordinated the Dutch “Aboriginal Solidarity Campaign” promoting the motto:
“White Australia has a Black history”. She came to Australia in 1989 and is passionate about
sharing and learning more about healing (collective) trauma, be it of ‘survivors’ or
‘perpetrators’. She gave over 150 workshops “Cooperative Conflict Approach” and trained
mediators. Currently she updates the booklet: “Do it yourself, Dying, Death and Beyond” – a
tribute to her mother and sister who died of Alzheimers.
In 2005 Saskia was one of the 1000 women from 145 countries that were nominated for the
Nobel Peace Price and in 2019 received the first East Timor Solidarity Award and the
“Order of East Timor” for smuggling out images of the Dili massacre in 1991 that changed
the course of this country.

Saskia Kouwenberg is doing a workshop
“Co-operative Conflict and Healing Perpetrators Trauma”
with Judy Atkinson.

10-1pm Sunday 14th May “Birth and Beyond”


Friday 19th May 11.30am-12.30 “Death & Dying” at Town Hall.

History of changes made right here Choices available.
How to support those we love.
Jeni & Paul, Mira Judy Arpana, Zenith Virago,
Gai Longmuir, Mimi Zenzmaier and Saskia.

John Lee

John Lee

I am someone who loves a challenge having started my first paying job as a paper boy at 7, my first business at 9 employing people making cane baskets and then after 7 years of working in television started my own postproduction company in 1985 growing Cutting Edge to the largest in Australia by the late 90’s winning many personal and company awards along the way. I loved my life in the corporate world and my success enabled me to sell Cutting Edge in 2011 and “live the dream” whilst pursuing many other business and personal ventures including many multisport events. In 2016 my lovely wife Lizette had a calling to sit with Ayahuasca so in 2017 we went to a retreat in Peru where we had five sessions drinking the medicine. Then in 2019 my beautiful daughter Freyja committed suicide at 21 (just after doing an Iron man with her) and after 5 months of just getting drunk to try and deal with it I again turned to the plant medicine but this time combining it with psychotherapy and body work. The result was nothing short of life changing. Now, three years since those sessions my life has so much more meaning and direction and whilst I will never be the same since Freyja’s passing, I can comfortably live with it and have given up alcohol along with many other positive life changes along the way. Life has loved throwing more and more challenges at me since my first plant medicine journey, but I feel I now can just deal with them in a much calmer way. I’ve also embraced shamanism and love my connection with nature and my spirit family which has complimented the medicine journeys extremely well. It makes me feel I’m never alone and I have a whole new appreciation for all the beauty that surrounds us as well as all the messages and synchronicities that I feel I have always been getting but was just not listening to or understanding them. What an amazing world and time we live in.


Tina Mews
FAA Astro Dip, BcScoSci Counselling

Tina has worked as a professional counsellor in public organizations
and in private practice for many years .
For the last 2 decades, she teaches astrology classes and runs regular workshops combining soul development work with astrology.
Tina has been writing the monthly astrological column for the Nimbin Goodtimes since 2008.

Pratima Mumford
Passionate about astrology for four decades, Pratima has given readings to countless people including David Bowie. She focuses on tracking the influence of the planets on our global society.


Oshos Mediatations

THE REALLY RELIGIOUS PERSON IS IN DEEP COMMUNION WITH EXISTENCE “Theists, atheists, both are victims. The really religious person has nothing to do with The Bible or theKoran or the Bhagavad Gita. The really religious person has a deep communion with existence. He can say yes to a roseflower, he can say yes to the stars, he can say yes to people, he can say yes to his own being, his own desires. He can say yes to whatsoever life brings to him. He is a yea-sayer.” Osho

Bruce Pascoe

Bruce Pascoe

(born 1947) is an Aboriginal Australian writer of literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays and children’s literature. Since August 2020, he has been Enterprise Professor in Indigenous Agriculture at the University of Melbourne.
Pascoe is best known for his work Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident? (2014), in which he argues that traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples engaged in agriculture, engineering and permanent building construction, and that their practices provide possible models for future sustainable development in Australia.

Neil Pike

is a musician, video-maker & life-time activist.  He lives in the rainforested hippy warrens surrounding the rural Australian town of Nimbin.  Raised by peace activists in the ’50s & ’60s, he has been making music and causing trouble since the early 1970s, involving himself in a range of causes from environmental protection to various social justice issues.  In the last decade or two he’s also been making videos in a blatant but completely unsuccessful attempt to “brainwash the masses”.
Neil is the founder and Grand Authenticated Bush Turkey of the Pagan Love Cult inc, probably the longest running contemporary psychedelic music group in Australia. Their musical style moves from old-school folk-rock through hippy pop to a more modern electronica. When the other members of the PLC can’t be convinced to travel thousands of miles for a gig, Neil puts on his “psychedelic troubadour” hat and does solo gigs. He is a multi-instrumentalist and  singer-songwriter who has performed at gigs & festivals extensively all around the world. “The best thing about being the Grand Authenticated Bush Turkey” says Neil “is that only other turkeys take you seriously”.

Neil is available for bookings and can be contacted for more information here.

Linsey Pollak

is to play after the film “The Last Violin”
on Wednesday 17th May 7.30-10.15pm
with Carla Thackrah and Romano Crivici.
(Linsey and Romano both members of The White Company 1973)

Linsey Pollak is a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator, who has toured his solo shows extensively around Australia and in Europe, Nth America and Asia since 1996.

He has designed many new wind instruments with a reputation for making and playing instruments made from found objects such as rubber gloves, carrots, watering cans, chairs, brooms and garden hose.

Linsey aims to de-commodify the art of music and dreams of a society that doesn’t have a word for musician, because everyone plays music (just as we don’t use the word “breather” because we all breathe).

He believes that music can build a more creative society that enjoys and respects the contributions of many cultures, empowering the marginalised and bringing disparate people together.

Mark Purser

has been studying the art and practice of yoga and meditation for over 20 years with experience in most of the major yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, Sivananda and Satyananda, as well as many years practicing Daoist Qigong, Buddhist Vipassana,  and Tantric Meditation. Mark holds a 1400 hour Yogic Studies Diploma with the Academy of Yogic Science.

Mark is one of the originators and owners of the Bamboo Yoga School. He is a registered teacher with Meditation Australia & Yoga Australia. Mark is also the founder of the Yogic Meditation Institute, teaching courses in teacher training in yoga nidra and yogic meditation philosophy & technique.


Carol Reed

Carol is a practicing Medical Intuitive, Quantum Energy Healer, Craniosacral Therapist and Minister of the Yoga of Self Ascension. Motivated by a desire to understand the underpinnings of the human experience and to find the most effective, pain free and fastest way to support the reversal of mental, emotional, and physical trauma, dis-ease and energy imbalances. 

Since 2000, Carol has received certificates in over 30 healing modalities and her work became her passion. She has combined her knowledge to invite breakthrough experiences, release the body of old injuries as well as calms and transmutes negative habitual belief patterns, to ultimately support those ready to change to find their passion and Soul’s purpose. 

Carol has worked with many individuals over the years and found by incorporating Medical Intuitive deep Internal inquiry with Quantum Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy and other Shamanic processing healing tools, only deepen the process and produces profound long lasting and transformative changes. 

Living a life in self ascension is a non-dogmatic practice with guidance and tools on how each individual Being can ascend out of Victim-Abuser-Rescurer Consciousness and live with a balanced heart and clarity on their unique Soul’s journey. The teachings support individuals to not engage in the dance of the ego and rise into their higher expression of love and truth. This helps to forgive your family of origin for child hood hurts and live a life free of pain and suffering. 

The event will invite individuals to learn how to self-manage anxiety, depression, the effects of domestic violence, fear, ‘stuckness’, to lift out of a hopeless life situation, and learn how to reverse the symptoms of PTSD. I will demonstrate and teach techniques to stabilise the body and mind when it is affected by stressful emotions like anger, sadness, and grief.  

Individuals will leave the event with practical tools and a clearer understanding on how to deal with fear and trauma.  

Auralia Rose

Auralia is professionally trained in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression,
Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT), Beyond Quantum
Healing (BQH), Whole Presence Soul Retrieval and many other healing

Her particular passion is to expand individual consciousness
through realising more of the Divine Soul Presence that we are.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing information, stories and experiences
gathered from working with thousands of people during my career as a soul
centred healer and facilitator.

There will also be an opportunity to explore one
of your own past lives through a guided group.

Rebecca Rushbrook

is a NSW finalist in the 2020 Australian Poetry Slam and is a previous winner of
the Nimbin Performance Poetry Cup and 3x winner of the Lismore Poetry Cup.

She has featured at numerous poetry events, including the Queensland Poetry Festival,
the Sydney Writers Festival, the National Young Writers Festival,
the Newcastle Fringe Festival and the Byron Bay Writers Festival,
and also featured in the film Rock the Gate, performing her anti-CSG poem, ‘Mine’.

Her written work has appeared in various anthologies and
was recently commissioned by the Red Room.

Rebecca is a poetry editor and mentor and a teacher of high school workshops to help kids discover their own poetic abilities.

She has been performing in the Northern Rivers for almost 20 years and is a unique
voice in our dynamic creative region.

Graeme Sait

Graeme Sait

John Seed

John Seed   is founder and director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia
(RIC). John is an accomplished bard, songwriter, film-maker and sculptor .  From 1979
through the 1990’s he participated in the direct actions protecting the Australian
rainforests. John received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 1995, for services to
conservation and the environment.  He has created numerous projects protecting 
rainforests in South America, Asia and the Pacific through providing benign and
sustainable development projects for their indigenous inhabitants tied to the protection
of their forests. 
In 1984, John  helped initiate the US Rainforest Action Network which grew out of the
first of many US roadshows. He  produced films about the struggle for the rainforests
 like “Earth First” (1986) and “On The Brink” (2003 – with David Attenborough, David
Suzuki and Olivia Newton John).  He co-authored “Thinking Like a Mountain – Towards
a Council of All Beings” with Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Arne Naess and has been
conducting experiential deep ecology workshops around the world for 35 years.
He is currently living in the Narara Ecovillage, working on rainforest conservation in
Ecuador and facilitating deep ecology workshops around Australia.

Nicholas Scali

Nicholas is a doctor who worked in the public health system until recently when he has
transitioned into full time work as an acupuncturist, psychotherapist, and meditation
teacher.Having had many transformative experiences with psychedelic medicines in his life, and
having followed the flourishing scientific research around the benefit of psychedelic therapy
for many years, he has trained as a therapist for “psychedelic assisted therapy.”
Her has also trained in a modality called IFS (internal family systems) which is a non-
pathologizing model that is having great efficacy in healing trauma, mental and physical
illness. Nicholas is passionate about the intersection of psychedelic medicine, meditation, IFS
therapy and holistic health in general.
There he sees the possibility for people to not only gain insight about their true nature, and
their unique place within the whole, but also to learn to relate to all their own beingness
and humanness in open, loving, compassionate ways. Through this learning they can also
learn to relate to others, their environment and all its creatures in similar ways.
Nick sees this integration of psychological sciences and spirituality as a beautiful bridge for the healing of trauma, evolution of consciousness and the much needed transformation of
all our communities and social systems.

Amirah Shah

Amirah Shah (BA Psych & Management/Marketing, CELTA, MCOUNS) has recently completed
a Certificate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies in August 2022. Her interest in psychedelic work
stemmed from her experience as a torture and trauma counsellor for refugees in the Northern
Territory. In addition to that, Amirah’s PhD project addresses religion and spirituality during
existential crises. She is investigating bereavement amongst Muslims and explored the secular
and religious supports available to them in times of existential crises. Her research and her
career over the past 6 years have eventually led her to exploring psychedelics for treatment
resistant PTSD, existential crises, and death anxiety. Amirah has been teaching in Singapore
and Australia for over 8 years. At present, she lectures for the Australian Institute of Professional
Counsellors in Brisbane. She has worked with pre-verbal children, adolescents and adults with various therapeutic and learning needs. Amirah is interested in Jungian philosophies and symbolism of ancient prose and poetry,
She has recently published her first children’s book in 2022 on navigating grief for children
called: The Truck Family. [ISBN softcover 978-1-6698-8675-4]  [ISBN eBook 978-1-6698-8676-
1]. The book is also available as an audiobook.

Siri Shakti

Siri Shakti (Heidi)

started her journey in sound with Kundalini Yoga in 2011
where she was first introduced to the power of mantra and gongs.
In 2018 she began her journey into working with gongs and other sound instruments
as healing tools with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.
She has since undertaken further training with leading Australian sound therapist
Jaye Roberts and graduated with a Diploma in 1-2-1 Sound Healing
from the international Sound Healing Academy in 2022.
Siri Shakti has been sharing group sound healings since 2018 in
Lismore and surrounds and has now added
individual sound therapy sessions to her offerings.

Andrea Soler

Andrea Soler Bio 2021
Singer /Songwriter Composer

Multi award winning chanteuse Andrea Soler grew up in a bohemian family of Spanish and French descent. She is a free spirited troubadour with influences such as Joni Mitchell, Manu Chao and Edith Piaf, and a voice like ‘wild honey’, smooth, warm and earthy.

Andrea’s latest single Things Look Better in The Sunshine, a summery, chilled-out track, reveling in nature, going slow, and the simple things in life was picked up by Sarah Howells and received air time on Double J Radio. This song exhibits all the Andrea Soler hallmarks: a smooth and
subtly textured voice, lyrics that let the sunshine in, and a groove that will not be denied.
Six years ago, after three independent studio releases, two European tours and numerous Australian shows, this Northern Rivers singer-songwriter took time out to start a family and build a home in the hills near Nimbin.
Then, during lockdown, Andrea used the time to create and collaborate on new tracks with producer David White (Ed Sheeran – touring stage production) and musicians in Australia and the UK, including drummer Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard (Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, and Billy Bragg), James Ross and slide guitarist Jason Lowe. Things Look Better In the
Sunshine, the first of many tracks that Andrea will be releasing from her lockdown collection.

Things Look Better In The Sunshine is a dub remix produced by Big Al (Abbey Road, UK).
Whether it’s an intimate duo show or a packed out festival, Andrea exudes a warmth and charm that envelopes her audience – she has an uncanny ability to connect with people through
music on a very genuine and intimate level.
Andrea has received international acclaim for her captivating shows at festivals and concerts throughout ten countries in Europe and has performed at the renowned Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
(Scotland), Mullum Music Festival and The Falls Festival to name a few.
An ABC North Coast Artist of The Week, Andrea has received numerous awards including: ‘Female Vocals’ and ‘Adult Contemporary Songwriter’ categories at The North Coast Music Industry Awards.

“Do not miss any opportunity to see Andrea Soler play live. A brilliant,
imaginative original artist!”
Ian Peterson – LIVE WIRE, UK.

 ‘Andrea Soler is unique. Not only is her music difficult to pigeonhole,
her personality and ethos knocks spots off the word ‘positivity’. If I was
health minister for Britain, I’d make sure her EP was available over the pharmaceutical counter,  not just in record stores.”
Plum Woodard, Unsigned Chart, UK

S Sorrensen

S Sorrensen

lives in a cloud of words – funny words mostly, sad and poetic words
He also lives in a beautiful world made less beautiful by the madness of some people
and more beautiful by the sanity of others.
He views this puzzling paradox of humanity from the sanctuary of his shack under the
cliffs at the end of the world (near Nimbin).
From there he ventures forth to entertain the masses at festivals, comedy clubs, pub
carparks – wherever – all across this wide fossil-fuelled land.

Mira Stanard

Mira Stannard, formerly Carole Eliott, was born in New Zealand in 1937. She is a midwife, healer, psychic & film maker, and is internationally recognised for her intuitive approach to the magic of childbirth. Mira and her beloved partner, Tansen (Norman Stannard) have delivered hundreds of babies and given seminars all over the world. After attending the Aquarius Festival as healers they were so inspired by the love & light manifested there that they stayed and opened the Healing Centre, treating new and old settlers, and pioneered home birth in Nimbin with Birth & Beyond.


Narada Dan Vantari

is the author and illustrator of
“Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life”
and lately has been working with AI art to push the boundaries
of beauty and spiritual imagery.

Narada will be presenting at the Aquarius50 festival.

Sacred Geometry, A.I. and Spirituality

Sunday 14th May 4.30pm
The Church of Aquarius

“Sacred Geometry, A.I. and Spirituality”
“Narada Dan Vantari”
It’s all about patterns, and what makes some of them beautiful, true, and good.
Narada Dan Vantari is the author and illustrator of
‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life’,
and lately has been working with AI art to push the boundaries
of beauty and spiritual imagery.

Luke Vassella

is going to sing with Isaac for a session called
“After the Deluge”
at Bush Theatre
from 10am-2pm
Wednesday 17th May


Dr John Wilson

From yoga, Buddhism, and solo-parenting three children in Melbourne, Dr John Wilson retired from psychiatry thirty years ago in favour of eco-activism in Nimbin’s Timbarra Campaign, then nomadic life, ‘on country’ in his Toyota called Ganesha. Since the first Aquarius Festival he visits Nimbin annually. His 1995 book, “Mururoa”,recounts sailing the Pacific opposing French nuclear testing. His latest book, “Ecocide”,documents ancient Greek festivals, climaxing with psychedelic-spiked wine, to enter both early Christianity and Islam. Plato’s otherworldly books, however, devalue this precious material world – including all life – damaging our psychology and ecology. 


Zenith Virago

Zenith lives in Australia and is the EO and founding member of the NSW Charity, the Natural
Death Care Centre. Co-author of the book The Intimacy of Death and Dying, and subject of the
international independent documentary, Zen & the Art of Dying, and patron of the Good
funeral guide, UK.
Zenith is at the forefront and a leading pioneer of dying well, family led body care, meaningful
and appropriate ceremony, and informing and educating communities to reclaim and be
empowered before, during and after death.
Often seen as a maverick she offers a hybrid of truly traditional ways blended with a more
contemporary understanding, encouraging people to take their dying, death, after death care and
ceremony back into their own hands and hearts, even in cases of sudden death and trauma.
With a legal and community background, she is a seen as a community resource, assisting
people to know and reclaim their legal rights, and co-create their own social rites of passage.
She has been working towards more holistic cultural change in approaches to better and
continual end of life and after death care for well over 25 years.
Known as a Deathwalker, an educator and a celebrant, she shares the subtle and obvious layers
involved, offering guidance, support and care to inform, enable and empower people to be as
informed, open and courageous as they can, and to experience their dying and their loss in the
best way they can. Simply, she accompanies and guides people in their losses.
She now works, speaks and teaches both nationally and Internationally, and her work may best
be summed up as assisting people to die well, and for those left behind to have a healthier
bereavement, as they move into their healing with no or few regrets.
Creator of the Vagina Conversations event, a fundraiser for Womens services, consisting of
women telling their own vagina stories. Feminist, Dyke, swimmer, liver of life.
2021 Byron Citizen of the Year.

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