To believe in the power of arts and culture holding the space for a Brave New World.

Composed and created by Yantra de Vilder,
Credo is a contemporary song cycle expanding award winning music art films from
an online film festival audience into a live theatrical event.

Immersed in stunning film visuals featuring The Ephemera Choir and Ensemble,
this unique production is a form of story telling through a multi-disciplinary artist’s eye.

Written during lockdown and the Northern Rivers floods,
Credo is birthed within a cauldron of unprecedented global restrictions and a quickening of artistically
dangerous moments – a time when singing and dancing were forbidden.

“I believe music and the arts have the power to lift our spirits .

I believe they are essential services.

I believe in a Brave New World where we rise up for creativity and humanity”

Yantra de Vilder


Credo Means to Believe