Out There – a potted history of a revolution called Nimbin

Goff, a French photographer now based in New Zealand and her partner, sound engineer and musician Quentin Merlaud, following years of work, have created a book called Out There – a potted history of a revolution called Nimbin. Through photographs and audio, this book documents and captures the alternative community of Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia.

Bursting with creativity and revolutionary ideas, a bunch of dreamers found shelter from the storm. With pure madness or for the sake of love, a small rural town started a big movement. Out There chronicles 50 years of alternative revolution: the simplest, yet strangest journey ever undertaken; an insightful collection of 39 separate self-told stories that concisely capture different aspects of Australia’s counterculture movement. This is the real Nimbin – naked, deconstructed and spontaneous – revisited through a unique concept that combines powerful photographs with poignant audio recordings and gripping soundtracks all individually crafted to each tale.

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With a unique interactive format merging visuals and sounds, Out There breaks the heaviness of these times we live in. Through personal stories, it reconnects people to real and raw beings, making this book very accessible. It is a non-fiction narrative that will have a broad appeal as it interweaves personal stories, historical contents and arts, giving keys to alternative thinking and lifestyle.

Despite strong and burning topics that will definitely raise awareness, the incredible light-hearted humour and authenticity will quirkily enlighten a large audience and encourage anyone to think outside the box. Finally: the book we could all have been looking for?

Out There is not only useful: it’s also entertaining, confronting, disturbing and questioning, making you forget it is entirely non-fiction. Out There stands out as a truly captivating artwork through its creation and design with the local artworks displayed making it a pleasure for the eyes and ears that will surely be contagious.

“A unique and vibrant look on a counter culture emblem! Revelatory and entertaining, this book documents a never-to-be-repeated time that would otherwise quite likely be lost.” Gerard Hindmarsh, award-winning writer.

“Never before has this ‘alternative’ community of Australians been so thoroughly documented with such style. It is not only authentic but it’s also a book full of love for its subjects, their philosophies, their sometimes seemingly wild and wacky ways and also their deep love of the land they and us depend on.” Craig Potton, MNZM.

The demo only showcases short audio extracts as well as a restricted selection of visuals.

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