Peter Pedals

I have never fitted into the notion of what it is to be an average Australian male. I have never drank alcohol, never smoked cigarettes, never drank coffee or Coca Cola, never ate fast food etc. I was expelled from Teachers College for asking too many questions. I took an interest in Jiddu Krishnamurti in my early twenties and decided to get out of Australia. I spent a few years in India and in Holland, to
eventually make my way overlans back to Thailand from where I caught a flight back to Australia.
I arrived back in Australia in early 1973 and heard about the Nimbin Aquarius Festival.

So I purchased a cheap car and made my way to Nimbin.

On arriving in Nimbin I straight away had a connection to the place.

I discovered the mystic minstrels known as the Bauls of Bengal who had been invited to entertain people during the festival and spent some time providing transport for them. I had become familiar with the Bauls when I was in Calcutta.

After the Festival there were many people who decided to make Nimbin their home and started buying land to live on. They built ramshackle temporary dwellings, but had no telephones, mobile phones didn’t exist then; they had no electricity and often no water supply. I decided to make use of the front office space in a building that was to become known as the Birth & Beyond Centre to help with the young pregnant women.

This space that is now the Nimbin Environment Centre I named it the Nimbin Information Centre. Just through the back door into the Birth and Beyond Hall I built a projection platform over the doorway so that I could screen films with a movie projector onto the opposite wall and showed films on weekends. Seeing that communication was a problem I put a 27MHz CB radio in the Nimbin Information Centre with a big 5/8th wave CB antenna on the roof and told people to get themselves a CB radio in their car and I called the base station in Nimbin Rainbow Info. I would regularly get calls from people saying things like: “Rainbow Info, do you copy. If you see Bill in town can you please ask them to get some bread and milk”. I knew the guys that started the Nimbin Emporium and they said they had a Gestetner duplicating machine (similar to the old Roneo machines) using waxed stencils that you typed onto with the old style typewriter, which they had no use for.

So I said I could use it and started producing the Nimbin Newsletter to help people keep informed with what was happening. On the back page I always had a Diary of events to help musicians, entertainers and speakers to get word out of the events they were organising.
I was invited onto a property on Blue Knob that had just been purchased for the creation of a multiple occupancy and wanted my expertise to set it up. It fortunately is a riparian property with the head waters of Websters Creek coming down from Part of Nightcap National Park and through the top section of the community and forming the boundary of the lower section.

So with some very cheap surveying equipment I was able to draw a fairly accurate map showing elevations and distances and worked out where to build a concrete weir high enough to provide water pressure to all dwellings and a pipe size of large enough diameter to allow people to have a micro-hydro electric generator for their power.

I discovered that the people who I had thought were generally like minded now split into two very opposing camps with myself often being labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist, a badge which I actually wear with honour. I even own a tin foil hat with the knowledge that tin foil can help to some extent to protect oneself against certain frequencies off electromagnetic radiation with the knowledge that a lot of emf is harmful to human health.

I fact my house is a giant Farady Cage (named after Michael Faraday who had experimented with emf) that helps shield me against
external emf. I also make a point of not having any Wifi or Bluetooth devices in my house and ensuring that every device is properly hardwired. I also avoid using 240VAC (alternating current) as much as practicable and use 12V DC devices as much as
I can, because DC (direct current) produces no emf whatsoever.