Rainbow Dreaming Exhibition

Rainbow Dreaming

This photo-documentary explores the growth and development of the alternative movement in the Rainbow Region of Australia, centred around the towns of Nimbin and Byron Bay in northeastern New South Wales.

The genesis of this movement can be traced to the famous Aquarius Festival, held in Nimbin in May 1973.
This photo-documentary maps out the cultural and spiritual legacy of the movement and the ideas and institutions it gave birth to, including: recognition of the resurgence of traditional Aboriginal culture; living in community in harmony with the land;
environmental activism; appropriate technology, permaculture and seed-saving; holistic health and medicine; and the synthesis of science, art and philosophy.
The exhibition comprises the work of over one hundred photographers, filmmakers, writers, poets and cultural visionaries.
This vision, first articulated as a cultural phenomenon in the sixties, has an even greater relevance to our world today. Rainbow Dreaming explores the evolution of a culture committed to peace and sustainable living in a world on the brink of change.

‘Rainbow Dreaming – Tales from the Age of Aquarius’ is a book of photos and stories on the sustainability movement in the rainbow region of NSW, Australia.
The book includes rare, archival photos from the Aquarius Festival of 1973 and the work of over 100 of the regions best-loved photographers, writers and cultural visionaries.


The dream we wish to share is of the human family as one, living in harmony with all of creation.

“Rainbow Dreaming” is an initiative of the Rainbow Collective.
Curated by Harsha Prabhu and Graeme Batterbury.
To contact us, please email us at rainbowdreaming1@gmail.com


Rainbow Dreaming
Rainbow Dreaming