The Weedy Gardener

During lockdown of March 2020, award winning Master Photographer David Trood was stuck at home like most people.

On a piece of land far away from any town, and even further from a city, David used his time to realise a dream that he has had since childhood.

A garden full of food! A dream to be able to eat whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted… just like a gorilla.

So he dug and he hammered and moved over 200 wheelbarrows full of topsoil, to create a living paradise he called The Weedy Garden.

A paradise of wonderful, colourful, natural, clean organic food. David’s film, Down the Carrot Hole follows the creative and visual journey of understanding the elements of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, and his synchronistic encounters with people along the way.

It is a gentle, heartfelt film whose importance cannot be understated. It is a documentary for our times. During the two years of Covid-19 lockdowns in Australia, David Trood discovered the wonder and joy of creating, not just a garden, but an entire food forest through Permaculture principles.

With his enthusiasm and camera gear to explore, David shared the journey of food
self-sufficiency through his YouTube creation The Weedy Garden to show others how they can do it also.